CODESSD debates to include all presidential and vice presidential candidates

The Economic and Social Council of Santo Domingo (CODESSD) announces it will be holding the vice presidential debate on 10 April 2024 and the presidential debate on 15 April 2024. The president of Codessd says all candidates will be participating in the televised and streamed debates.

The CODESSD presidential and vice presidential debates compare to the National Young Entrepreneur Association (ANJE) debates that are called for 24 April and announced to only feature candidates for the three leading political parties – the Modern Revolutionary Party (Luis Abinader), the People’s Force (Leonel Fernandez) and the Dominican Liberation Party (Abel Martinez). The ANJE debate will take place on Wednesday, 24 April at the Horacio Alvarez Saviñon Auditorium of the UNPHU university from 8 to 10pm. It will be televised and streamed live on social media.

At present, the CODESSD is holding debates with the candidates for senator for Santiago.

The debates are carried on several platforms, including El Nuevo Diario TV, RTVD canal 4, Rumba 98.5 FM, Su Mundo TV, Ruta 66, Super Canal 33, Telefuturo 23, Metro TV Canal 10, VTV Canal 32, Carisivión, La Voz del Trópico, El Pregonero TV, Su Mundo TV, Faia Media, and Hilando Fino.

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2 April 2024