Easter Week death toll: 24 confirmed deaths

Of the deaths over the Easter Week 2024 Operation, 24 were due to traffic accidents, of which 19 were caused by motorcycle drivers. Juan Manuel Méndez, director of the Center for Emergency Operations (COE), explained in a press conference on 1 April 2024, that 24 deaths were due to traffic accidents. 19 of these traffic accidents involved motorcycles or 80%, in keeping with the national average of motorcyclists causing traffic accidents.

The death toll of 2024 is less than the toll in the 2023 operation. In 2023 there were 30 deaths, 26 deaths in accidents and 18 caused by motorcycles.

The death toll for Easter is expected to reach 27. Three men are reported missing and expected to have drowned at the Marapica Beach in Puerto Plata. The coastal area is known to be dangerous, but imprudent swimmers took the dare during the Easter vacations. One of the missing is a Civil Defense volunteer who sought to rescue the other two. The missing are Civil Defense volunteer, 29-year old Breanny Díaz Díaz, 17-year old Anderson González Tejada and 29-year old José Alberto Chevalier.

From Thursday to Sunday of Easter Week, 212 accidents occurred and 274 people were affected.

Of the 212 accidents recorded, 164 involved motorcycles, 22 light vehicles, 16 collisions and eight unspecified vehicles.

There were also reports of 473 alcohol poisonings.

Likewise, COE bulletin number 4 reports that seven people were rescued in beaches and river areas. The rescue crews offered 17,379 attendances to the public.

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2 April 2024