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Van Gogh art exhibit continues at Plaza de la Cultura

The Van Gogh Immersive Experience in Santo Domingo is not the original experience, TV host Mariasela Alvarez announced after checking with the originators of the global touring art show. DR1 had wrongfully reported it was the original experience. The Van Gogh event that is taking place at the Plaza de la Cultura is another fun activity to do in Santo Domingo, yet not the original.

Wikipedia explains: “A number of real-life and virtual reality exhibits of Vincent van Gogh’s paintings have been staged around the world since the 2000s. The for-profit events range across venues, organizers, and locations, though the majority have been held in North America in 2021 and 2022. The events are typically set up in large gallery spaces. Images or videos of the artist’s works are projected onto walls, ceilings, and floors, sometimes accompanied by animations, narrations, music, or fragrances.
“The events have received varying degrees of criticism, including over ticket providers, confusion over similar event names, and over artistic licenses taken to van Gogh’s paintings.”

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16 April 2024