High-level work group set for territorial planning in cities

Economy Minister Pavel Isa, Tourism Minister David Collado, Agriculture Minister Limber Cruz, Industry and Commerce Minister Víctor (Ito) Bisonó and Energy & Mines Minister Antonio Almonte were present for the first working meeting of the intergovernmental coordination table for the implementation of Law 368-22 on Territorial Planning, Land Use and Human Settlements. The ministers met with the president of the Dominican Federation of Municipalities (Fedomu) and the general secretary of the Dominican Municipal League to kickstart the implementation of the Territorial Planning Law in the Dominican Republic.

Others who participated were representatives of the ministries of Environment and Housing.

The table was proposed by the Ministry of Economy and Fedomu as a space for dialogue and coordination between the central government entities and local governments for the implementation of the land use law that was enacted on 22 December 2022, but has yet to be implemented.

The entities seek to address issues such as the growth of urban areas in provincial capital cities, the increase in urban land use conflicts, the increase in vulnerability to risks from natural events, the occupation of agricultural land and the difficulties in guaranteeing coverage of quality public services.

Other objectives of the table are to promote cooperation, coordination and joint decision-making between sectoral actors and local governments to implement and develop territorial planning and development processes.

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17 April 2024