Spanish Consulate says 3,077 have been naturalized under new 2022 law

The Consulate of Spain in the Dominican Republic says that 3,077 descendants of Spaniards have taken on the Spanish nationality after the passing of the Democratic Memory Law in 2022.

In March 2024, the government of Spain announced that Spanish descendants will get another year’s time to apply for Spanish nationality.

The Democratic Memory Law has clauses that facilitate the naturalization procedure for latinos of Spanish descent. The law also allows offspring of Spaniards who may have lost their nationality during dictatorship or civil war to acquire the original nationality of their parents in an expedited procedure. The procedure does not require the descendants to travel to Spain or establish residence in Spain to carry out the steps.

The law mainly benefits the grandchildren of Spaniards who meet the requirements under the Democratic Memory Law in effect since October 2022.

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17 April 2024