Ministry of Education and ADP are talking; wage raise could be 10%

The Ministry of Education and the president of the Dominican Association of Public School Teachers (ADP) reached a consensus during ther talks on Wednesday, 8 May 2024.

The Ministry of Education is willing to raise wages to 10%, up from 8% first offered, to reach an agreement with the public school teachers’ union.

Former president of the ADP, Enrique de Leon, and the National Ombudsman Pablo Ulloa mediated for the agreement with the current president of the ADP, Eduardo Hidalgo.

After the meeting on Wednesday, Ulloa said another meeting would be held this week. He expects more meetings to follow once the presidential and congressional elections are over on 19 May 2024.
“We have a schedule with all the points we are talking about and it will not only cover this space but vacations among other things,” he said.

Among the points that to be worked on are the implementation of new teaching methods, teacher retirement, medical services, infrastructure and teacher evaluations.

The shutdown of public schools after the demand of the school teachers for a bigger raise than the 8% offered by the Ministry did not have widespread support. Some public teachers refused to strike.

The NGO, Business Action for Education (Educa) called the demands of the ADP “almost absurd”, pointing out in an interview with El Dia that public school teachers year after year have received over-the-board unjustified salary increases, the same pay raises for good and poor performance teachers.

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9 May 2024