Baseball becomes an instrument to development

During his introduction to the 13 May 2024 weekly press conference, President Luis Abinader focused on the sport of baseball and the millions Major League Baseball teams have invested to build and operate baseball academies in the Dominican Republic.

The most recent baseball academies are those of the Baltimore Orioles, Miami Marlins, Milwaukee Brewers and soon the Arizona Diamondbacks. All 35 MLB teams have academies here.

President Abinader spoke of three modern independent academies also to prepare emerging baseball players – Edwin Encarnacion, Top Ten, International Prospect League.

The President also spoke of the importance of his government creating the National Baseball Commission, the economic support to the Dominican Baseball League that organizes the annual winter professional baseball tournament. He also spoke of government facilities offered for the holding of Major League training games here, as was the Boston Vs. Tampa Bay game this year. He stressed his government is keeping the closest relationships ever between with the MLB.

Junior Noboa, baseball commissioner in the DR, confirmed the close ties when asked to speak during the 13 May press conference. He said for the first time a Dominican President (Luis Abinader) visited the headquarters of the MLB in the United States to meet with the US Baseball Commissioner. He explained Minister of the Presidency Joel Santos is in charge of MLB and government relations.

He said in addition to the US$100 million in baseball academies, another US$40 million is being invested in the remodeling of seven academies. For 2025, three new academies are underway.

During the presentation on sports in the Dominican Republic, President Abinader also explained the Ministry of Sports has received funds to deliver checks for RD$100,000 to each of the athletes who have qualified to participate in the Paris Olympics. So far, 48 athletes have qualified. The President said the Ministry of Sports has also received the RD$235 milllion allotment for the Dominican team to the Paris Olympics.

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15 May 2024