Ministry of Environment: Only government agencies can extract aggregate from rivers

Ministry of Environment Vice Minister of Soils and Waters Rene Antonio Mateo de los Santos says that government-authorized agencies are permitted to extract resources from the country’s rivers, as reported in Listin Diario. He clarified this in response to recent reports of illegal mining activities in the Nizao River.

In response to reports of heavy machinery operating in the Nizao River, Mateo de los Santos assured that these excavators have been removed from the area. He acknowledged the challenges posed by illegal mining activities and pledged the Ministry’s commitment to protecting the country’s water resources.

De los Santos said: “Any heavy equipment that appears that is not from state-owned companies such as the Ministry of Public Works, the National Institute of Potable Water and Sanitation, or the Santo Domingo Water and Sewer Corporation. These are the entities that have to do with the water sector that we, in very specific and rare cases, are giving permission to extract material from the rivers,” explained the Vice Minister during a meeting at the Ministry of Environment.

Mateo de los Santos emphasized that any other equipment found operating in rivers without proper authorization is illegal. He further noted that the Ministry is engaged in an ongoing fight against environmental criminals who engage in illegal extraction activities, often operating under the cover of darkness. He said the unauthorized trucks work at odd hours, such as 3 and 4am.

The Vice Minister also stressed the importance of fostering environmental awareness among citizens to curb such harmful practices.

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8 July 2024