Life expectancy in DR is 74 years

The Dominican Republic is the 27th country of 39 registered by the UN statistics with the lowest life expectancy in the Americas.

Martinique (14th) and Canada (19th) have the highest life expectancy in the Americas with 83 years average for both sexes, according to United Nations data posted on Worldometer and World Population Review.

Countries ranked above the DR are:
81 years expectancy. Chile (38)

80 years. Costa Rica (43)

79 years. Puerto Rico (44), the United States (47), Antigua and Barbuda (48)

78 years. Panama (55), Cuba (58), Uruguay (59), Ecuador (61)

77 years. Argentina (64), Barbados (65), French Guiana (67), Colombia (68)

76 years. Peru (72), Aruba (75), Curacao (77), Brazil (82), US Virgin Islands (85)

75 years. Grenada (87), Mexico (92)

74 years. Trinidad & Tobago (96), Nicaragua (97), Belize, Bahamas (102) and the Dominican Republic (103)

Twelve other countries in the Americas fall below the DR, including its island-neighbor, Haiti that is listed in 165th with a life expectancy of 64 years.

Interestingly, life expectancy in Kenya, the African nation that is sending a police force to bolster the Haitian police force, is listed in 173rd place, with a life expectancy of 63 years.

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9 July 2024