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Renovations works at Las Americas International

Dominican government officials inspected the ongoing renovation project to modernize and improve the Greater Santo Domingo’s main airport’s facilities, according to an Aerodom press release.

Monika Infante, general director of Aeropuertos Dominicanos XXI (Aerodom), the airport operating company, recently hosted government aviation officials for a tour of the advances. The airport said that Víctor Pichardo, executive director of the Department of Airports and Major General Florián Suarez Martínez, director of the Specialized Corps of Airport and Civil Aviation Security, toured the airport construction works.

Pichardo emphasized that the visit was part of an ongoing effort to monitor and evaluate Aerodom’s progress on the infrastructure works, contracted between the government and Aerodom, a subsidiary of the French airport operator Vinci Airports.

Infante highlighted that Aerodom-Vinci Airports, is investing more than US$30 million in projects that include the remodeling of the departures and arrivals areas and the renovation of the terminal roofs.

The project also includes the modernization of the facades, lighting, information and air conditioning systems, as well as the expansion and remodeling of the parking lot to provide a more modern and functional look to Las Americas International.

Infante added that the parking lot is currently being expanded and remodeled, with the addition of 800 new spaces for long-term parking. The project also includes the renovation of the pavement, the improvement of the distribution and flow of vehicles, and the landscaping of the area.

The Aerodom director said a successful and sustainable environmental 3,600-square-meter over-roof is being built at the AILA North Terminal to allow for the collection of rainwater for reuse.

In addition, an additional 1.3 MWP solar power plant is in the final stages of commissioning for the roof of the terminal. Together with the existing ones, this will bring the airport’s solar park to 5 MWP.

Infante says to modernize the appearance of the terminal building, cladding (ventilated facade type) will be installed on the entire front of the building.

“The ongoing works not only have the potential to improve AILA’s operational capacity but also to raise the levels of security and comfort for passengers and visitors. This type of initiative reflects the country’s strategic vision for the future, consolidating its position as a center of air connectivity in the Caribbean and beyond,” stated a press release.

Las Americas is the second busiest airport in the country, serving over 4.5 million passengers in 2023. AILA is a major hub for several airlines, including Arajet, Air Europa, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, JetBlue Airways, and United Airlines.

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9 July 2024