Once again Dominican Navy saves lives

Nearly two dozen persons are alive today after the Dominican Armada rescued 23 people from likely death in the waters of the Caribbean near Boca de Yuma in La Altagracia province on 9 October 2021. The group was picked up in two batches, one group of 19, was taken from the waters late on Friday and the second group of just four persons, were rescued from coral reefs early on Saturday morning. There has been no news as to how many persons were on the home-made craft.

In another operation, the Dominican Armada frustrated an attempted sailing of these migrants, and some 44 were taken into custody. There were 40 Haitians and 4 Dominicans in that group. So far this year over three dozen person have lost their lives attempting to reach Puerto Rico in these fragile, jerry-built boats.

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11 October 2021