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Thread: De Lancer Internet - Terrible Service

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    Default It's like a half miracle

    Maybe Delancer reads DR1...

    My community west of Sosua is getting fiber. The internet service died yesterday at 09:00 and shortly thereafter I received a call. Internet & cable TV will be down during the day for the next seven days as fiber optic lines are installed. I stopped at the office to get more info. On my way, I saw a big spool of fiber next to the road.

    At this stage only the main data lines will be replaced, individual drops to each house will not. For the end user, the benefits of fiber come with a new modem that accepts a fiber connection. I was told this would not happen at this point in time. I guess they are saving that for later.

    I don't understand the reasoning for not finishing the upgrade all at once and the Delancer people don't know either or won't say.

    I am told, plan speed will be doubled at no extra charge. I sit here downloading last night's tv shows as quickly as I can, the internet for today could drop off anytime

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    I don't know why people bash Delancer.  In my opinion they deliver a first rate service.

    They were extremely quick in restoring cable after the hurricane and just yesterday in my neighborhood they were felling a large tree which unfortunately took out the cable as it fell.  One call to Delancer and they repaired it that same day.

    Loving my 20 meg fiber service.

    Those that complain about their service obviously know nothing of living in this country.

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