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Thread: traits of being Italian...

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    Default traits of being Italian...

    Italian Ways......

    1- you've had at least one relative who wore a
    black dress every day for an entire year after a

    2- you spent your entire childhood thinking what
    you ate for lunch was pronounced

    3- your family dog understood Italian

    4- every Sunday afternoon of your childhood was
    spent visiting your grandparents

    5- you've experienced the scientific phenomenon of
    150 people fitting into 50 square feet of yard for
    a family cookout

    6- you were surprised to discover that the FDA
    recommends that you eat three balanced meals a
    day, not seven

    7- you ate macaroni (pasta for the non-Italians)
    for dinner at least four times a week

    8- you grew up thinking that no fruit or
    vegetables had a fixed price at the
    market................everything was negotiable
    through haggling

    9- you were forced to watch Lawrence Welk and Ed
    Sullivan every weekend

    10- you were as tall as your grandmother by the
    age of seven

    11- you never knew anyone whose last name didn't
    end in a vowel

    12- you thought that black nylons were supposed to
    be worn rolled up to the knees

    13- you were surprised to find out that wine was
    actually sold in stores

    14- you never ate meat on Christmas Eve or any

    15- you thought that Catholicism was the only
    religion in the world

    16- you ate your salad after the main course

    17- you were hit at least once with a wooden spoon

    18- you thought every meal had to be eaten with a
    hunk of bread in your other hand

    19- you learned to play bocci before entering grade school

    20- you can understand Italian but you can't speak it

    21- you have at least one ancestor who was a cop, mobster or

    22- you grew up thinking a toilet was called a

    23- you were surprised to learn that most kitchen
    utensils had another name that didn't end in a

    25- all of your uncles fought in a world war

    26- you have at least six male relatives named
    Tony, Nickie, Joey, Frankie, Mikie, and Johnny-boy

    27- you drank wine before you were a teenager

    29- your yard didn't have a patch of dirt that
    didn't have either a flower or tomato/parsley/basil/
    squash/pepper/eggplant growing on it

    30- your grandparent's furniture was as
    comfortable as sitting on sandpaper

    31- you thought that speaking loud was normal

    32- you thought that cookie cakes and the
    tarantella were all common at all weddings

    33- your mother was overly protective of the males in the
    matter how old they were

    34- every lunch meat you ate as a kid ended in a vowel

    35- there was a crucifix in every room of the

    36- sons never had to wash dishes because it was
    considered women's work !

    37- you weren't comfortable dating a boy unless
    your father and brother approved

    38- you know what lemon ice is

    39- you know what real "black" coffee is

    40- you always had chocolate and nuts with the
    fruit course at dinner

    41- meatball sandwiches were a standard lunch item

    42- you never knew you could buy pizza from a store

    43- eating out usually meant going to a relatives house

    44- undershirts didn't have sleeves

    45- most of the people that lived in your
    "building" were related to you

    46- everything tastes good with parmigiano

    47- tomato sauce made with chicken wings was the best

    48- you had coffee with lots of milk (latte cafe)
    for breakfast by the time you were three years old

    49- eggs were always fried in the middle of a
    piece of Italian bread

    50- left over cold spaghetti is one of the major
    food groups

    51- every girl was "make-able" except your sisters
    and girl cousins

    52- you wore a white suit with short pants when
    you made your first holy Communion

    53-you had to go to the 9 o'clock mass every
    Sunday and sit with your class

    54- nuns could see out of the backs of their heads

    55- stickball was almost a religion

    56- plastic furniture coverings were hot and
    uncomfortable in the summer

    57- air conditioning was sitting on the fire
    escape or going up on the roof on hot nights

    58- any adult could yell at you if you got out of

    59- you only ate fried eels and bacala on
    Christmas Eve

    60- you only had a salami pie and Easter bread
    (with the hard boiled egg in the crust) at
    Easter time

    61- honey balls (struffella) and bows were only
    made at Christmas time

    62- people actually celebrated name days

    63- cookouts always had at least one tray of
    baked macaroni

    64- a trip to the beach required at least three
    days of food preparation

    65- you had a minimum of 20 relatives in Brooklyn
    and the Bronx

    66- there was no such thing as a piece of clothing
    that could not be patched

    67- most of the older women worked in dress making

    68- you never knew you uncle's name was Frank
    until his funeral........everyone always
    called him "Cheech"

    69- you thought that "fat", "little", skinny",
    "tall", "black", "bald", "baby", "big-nose",
    "cock-eyed" were actually part of peoples given names

    70- you couldn't believe that your non-Italian
    friends didn't "scarpette" when they ate

    71- at least one relative threw themselves on the
    coffin at the cemetery

    72- you wondered, why didn't everybody wear a
    cross, miraculous medal, or a scapular
    around their necks

    73- you told everyone your mother was the best
    cook in the whole world

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    Hahahahaha...stop your killing me! So true. Except I have changed a few.

    36. I taught my sons to cook, wash dishes and cloths too
    22. never used that saying
    70. Not sure what that is.

    But so funny. Going to send that to my relatives. They have advanced from the plastic sofa to the computer.

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    Default But Anna......

    Itsa PASTA to Italians and Macaroni to non-Italians..........(as in Kraft Dinner!!!)
    Pasta comes in a thousand shapes so when Momma sez "we're havin' pasta for supper you automatically ask "what kind!!"
    or "With what???"

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    I have no idea what
    "scarpette" means. It's pasta?

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    Neither do I Anna, I never heard of that term. Is that right Momm C? I was raised in an Italian houshold and I can relate to most of the list but I agree to Anna's comments, except my brother only washes dishes when absolutely necessary!

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    Default Scarpette must be an obscure dialect!

    I have no idea what it means.......not familiar with the dialect but then again I'm not Italian.....
    I'll ask my better half - he's more familiar with the different dialects than I. To me "scarpette" is a "little shoe" (scarpe).

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    Default Scarpette

    I also was wondering but found it on net.

    Belly dancing shoes????

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    Wud, you are a nerd, do you have to know EVERYTHING? You guys cant let ANYTHING go? LOL

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    Default In the "NorthEnd" of Boston,Revere,Medford,Somerville,

    Saugus,Italians don't use "Tomato Sause" on the macaroni,we use "Gravy"! You need to know if it's,"Zitti",or "Zitti" with lines!"Cristoforo Colombo"

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    Default Dang!

    I tried to solve the scarpette mystery too, but no luck. But hey! It doesn't really make sense:

    70- you couldn't believe that your non-Italian friends didn't "scarpette" when they ate?
    Do Italians eat with little shoes as utensils? How strange...

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