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    Looking for a watch repair shop in Sosua

    The watch repairman is Carela and he has moved from charamicos to down pedro clisante #45 - Grupo Cruz building.
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    Paying Corraplata for no water

    where is the water going to come from for the new 17 story condo tower across from Sosua beach where they are carving a new road ?
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    EdeNorte North Coast Electricity outage & restoration announcements.

    What part of Cabarete does the CABT102 circuit service.? .thx
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    Cangrejo bridge closed due to major structural failure.

    that looked like the solution from the start
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    Cangrejo bridge closed due to major structural failure.

    would be nice if someone with a drone would fly under the bridge and get a close look at the underlying deck support structures that are relevant to the area that sagged. That beam and gap showing is only a part of the larger problem. Anyone?
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    Go Camping Near Cabarete

    Palo Amarillo is a few km on the Moca road from the sabaneta turnoff
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    Sosua Beach Unions Want More Involvement

    front loop is still there and as good as ever
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    Sosua Beach Unions Want More Involvement

    the busses will park on the highway on the wide shoulder as always.
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    Pecorino cheese

    they just have a fresh batch at janets for $640/#
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    Climbing Pico Duarte

    i would wait a week till it dries out some, weather and trail conditions are not good at all, very cold (below freezing at night) and very muddy.. it is tough going for the donkeys as well. not sure about the tour/guide companies.
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    PCR test Sosua/Cabarete

    Dr. Mayans clinic in Plaza Ocean One does PCR testing daily before noon with results in 24hrs for US$100 or you can go to the Ayuntamiento in Sosua for daily free PCR testing with results in 3 days.
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    Anyone bought a refrigerator lately?

    there is no hardware, you remove the pivots/hinges and reverse them and they work on the other side
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    McDonald's in Puerto Plata

    the fact that the cashier couldn't figure out the change is not just at the Golden Arches, its endemic in this country.