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    W Hotel Cabarete

    the new project across from Linares is the completion of the Millenium villas, the big excavation beside Linares will be called Plaza Janets and will have a new supermarket and liquor store, the sign frame went up last week.
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    Pepe Postre

    there was a location in Los Charamicos where the Caribe Tours office is now.
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    Earthquake this morning in Jamao..

    Short jolt around 10 or 11... anyone else?
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    Ambar Highway in Doubt

    on a KTM motorcycle, only way.
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    Need to unlock new phone (Sosua) Not Claro please

    go to JDcell at the Plaza El Patio in cabarete, can't say enough good things about these guys. english speaking and professional.
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    Looking for a watch repair shop in Sosua

    The watch repairman is Carela and he has moved from charamicos to down pedro clisante #45 - Grupo Cruz building.
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    Paying Corraplata for no water

    where is the water going to come from for the new 17 story condo tower across from Sosua beach where they are carving a new road ?
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    EDENorte North Coast: Electricity Outages & Restoration Announcements

    What part of Cabarete does the CABT102 circuit service.? .thx
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    Cangrejo bridge closed due to major structural failure.

    that looked like the solution from the start
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    Cangrejo bridge closed due to major structural failure.

    would be nice if someone with a drone would fly under the bridge and get a close look at the underlying deck support structures that are relevant to the area that sagged. That beam and gap showing is only a part of the larger problem. Anyone?
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    Go Camping Near Cabarete

    Palo Amarillo is a few km on the Moca road from the sabaneta turnoff
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    Sosua Beach Unions Want More Involvement

    front loop is still there and as good as ever
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    Sosua Beach Unions Want More Involvement

    the busses will park on the highway on the wide shoulder as always.