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    Anyone bought a refrigerator lately?

    there is no hardware, you remove the pivots/hinges and reverse them and they work on the other side
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    McDonald's in Puerto Plata

    the fact that the cashier couldn't figure out the change is not just at the Golden Arches, its endemic in this country.
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    Today's US Exchange Rate

    56.75 at janets and wally's today
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    Return ticket required

    buy a refundable one way ticket STI to JFK 30 days out
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    Sosua Amet News

    the agent in the black vest is the boss
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    Sosua Amet News

    vamos a ver..
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    Sosua Amet News

    you cannot bribe an AMET officer, you can go to jail depending how mouthy you are when offered that choice. they are paid well and will get fired if reported taking bribes.
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    i think you are looking at 10x that depending on age and sex.
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    Places to ride dirt bikes

    join the Facebook page - Everything Cabarete and Coconut Telegraph - its the you can post there and get a good response. and there is a motocross track in Cabarete East. look up Rob Riley.. who lives at the Cabarete East condos on the oceanside, he is the original MotorXman here, had tours for...
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    No curfew but with a vaccination card or PCR test to enter establishments

    multicenter beside Janets will laminate your original and give you 4 reduced ones for 100 pesos, handy to have extras.
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    Traffic Stop Police Kills Architect

    moto with 2 adults and 2 children with no lights at night.. 730pm is 1 hour after sunset.
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    Looking for a real-estate agent in Sosua

    as on the facebook page.. 'everything cabarete and coconut telegraph'. you will get a prompt response
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    Need a good car mechanic Sosua forget Loky and German Garages

    greg garage in los castillos
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    Circunvalacion Norte in a bad shape?

    excuse. it is NOW the best way to get over the hill