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    How do you say.....

    Just wondering if anyone can tell me how you would say: 1) what are some of your customs? 2) How do you spend your day? Thanks for your time :cheeky:
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    sankie email?

    I recieved this email today from Papo(wilton) My sankie i guess he was although there was never any money given or asked for i guess in the end thats what would have happend...anyways it was a couple of years ago i met him and for a long time now ive let that go lol i don't speak much spanish...
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    Meaning of gringo

    And ...what is the exact meaning of a Gringo? sorry guys im just curious....and i am trying to prove something to a person who's never been lol
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    What would you call......

    What would you call an older white man that is with a young Dominican girl(meaning a old man with a young girl strickly for 1 reason on both parts ahahahah)? Is there something there reffered to as? Gracias, VeE
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    Need Translation..pretty please=)

    Hola to all! I need this translated and i don't have much time. My friend who helps me out when i need a translation is away. I would appreciate it so much if someone could take the time to translate this. I guess as an interviwer (thats me) iwould have to treat the star formally....I have to...
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    The song Ven Tu by Domenic Marte

    Does anyone know the song Ven Tu by Domenic Marte, if so can you tell me what it is about....i am jsut learning the language and only know what some words in the song mean, i love this song and would love to know exactly what it is about. Thanks a Bunch VEeE
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    Hotels in Punta Cana that are not AI

    Just wondering if anyone knows of any NICE hotels in Punta Cana that are not AI, or knows any websites i can find some?? Thanks Vanessa :nervous:
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    All Inclusive or no?

    Soo i am going again to Punta Cana soon, and i was wondering if it would be cheaper to the all inclusive thing or not? because when i go there im never at the resort anyways unless it is to bake on the not sure what to do or what would be the best idea...any info?? Thanks...
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    i don't know how to go about gettin a job on contract in dominican !!!! HELPPPP

    i want a job on contract for a few months in dominican preferablly punta cana(entertainment/activities)...and i have know idea how to go about doing so ..i am a student but i want to take some time and go away and work if anyone knows anything let me no plzzzzz!!! hahahaha