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    law and defense

    hello fellow dr1's I finally got my wife's car back on the road for those of you who know the story. so now I need some advice on something very important. We had to pick up my wife's son from her moms and I waited in the car. There was this dude with one arm standing next to our car on the side...
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    what is the best way to send important documents to the US? I have a letter that I need to send to a court as well as social security. I'm not sure if I send it fed-x if this would be better since it cost about 1,500. is the normal mail service good here and can it be trusted? Thanks! Anthony
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    I was working on my wife's car yesterday and than i heard bang, boom, pow! for a good minute. As i looked towards the street, i saw a dump truck with its bed fully upright as this idiot kept driving taking out all power lines as he went past. He stopped in front of my place only to remove the...
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    football anyone??

    I know its only june, but i just wanted to know if anyone would care to join me for some football when the season starts. I'm a big Dallas Cowboys fan since 77, so if this is you as well, please PM me and we can exchange info and get together. I had bought a sattelite system when i first moved...
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    car parts

    hello dr1's now that my wife is better, I need to focus on getting her car back on the road, so here's a shout out to anyone who knows some parts places. you folks have been really supportive through all of this and i feel that we can depend on you all the time, so i hope somebody can get us in...
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    notary public?

    Anybody know where i can find a notary in the Qesiquea area? I'm located in the capital close to nunez, 27, churchill. I can't find one anyplace and i need to send some very important documents to the states. thanks, Anthony
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    I been here for about a year now do to no choice since I'm on a fixed income as some of you are aware of. I have seen some nasty centipedes here as big as a foot. also some ants that look brown in color, but bite like a fire ant. does anyone have some feedback on the centipedes?? I seem to get...
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    Santo medical dominicana warning and others

    My wife was involved in an accident today and had head trauma after hitting her head into the windshield of our car. I can honestly say I have no idea how she had no visual evidence. She broke the upper part just left ofthe sun-visor of the windshield being the strongest part of the glass. A...
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    what happen?

    i posted a thread about obtaining a tens unit and some med advice, and my thread is gone. any ideas what happen to it, anyone?
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    Jewlery/engagement Ring/wedding Ring

    hello fellow DRers, I'm looking for a jewelry store here in the ens. quisqueya close to 27, church hill, etc. does anyone have a store that they have dealt with before? I don't want to get ripped off as you may know and of course i need to make sure that the diamond is real. I'm also looking...
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    pain/inflamation meds

    thanks for all the replys on my store thread and now a more serious one. I suffer from over 13 herniated discs, DDD, etc. I'm on disability and of course they do not take my insurance here. My wife needs to go to a cancer hospital to obtain oxycontin for me, where my pain management doctor had...
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    Where can I find mosquito bug lamp? the electric light that attracks flys/mosquito's/etc. Does serina, plaza lama or jumbo have these? I have tried these stores but came up with nothing. Any help I would really appreciate it, we are being eaten alive here.
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    Looking for satellite dealer

    hello there--just signed in. I wanted to know where can i find a satellite dealer close to 27,church hill. i live close to luis thomen in ensanche quisqurya. I have a 4 foot dish with a xtreme ultra and i want to make it motorized. I need a motor and also a tripod/and masts. any thoughts? The...