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    Awful experience at Mama Pasta in Sosua

    So I just moved to a new part of Sosua about three weeks ago. Since then I have gone to Mama Pasta about five or six times. I really liked the meat lasagna. Nothing else there has interested me but the meat lasagna was good. And my wife liked it too. So earlier tonight we stopped in for...
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    free dog for a good home near Sosua

    Ruby is a large female dog in Sosua. She is about 8 years old and has been spayed. She is a very friendly, good family dog. She is good with children, but not with cats. She is timid at first but warms up quickly. As a guard dog she is not a strong, aggressive leader type so she would not...
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    selling a very nice bed

    I did buy a classified ad so I think I'm OK to post this. It's in Sosua. The ad can be found at Ad number 5970. PM me if you are interested.
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    good artist (painter)

    I'm looking for a good painter in or close to Sosua. Does anybody have any recommendations. I'm thinking of getting a wedding picture painted as a portrait. So I would need someone that is really good and doesn't just do the typical tourist template paintings. I visit Santo Domingo a lot...
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    Haiti - Where to go and how to get there

    I'm looking to visit Haiti for the first time. I want to go to a big enough city that will have a lot of choices for restaurants, bars, hotels and shopping. I want to be in an oceanfront town or at least close to the ocean. I want to be relatively safe. I'm not timid and have travelled many...
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    illegal AMET tow

    I have heard of these, but after nearly 8 years on the island, this is the first one I have witnessed. I'm just chilling at a bar on a slow work day with my laptop. AMET hooks up a car. No big deal, I'm not paying much attention. The owner gets back and starts to ask what is wrong. They...
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    Dealing with the chicas when you don't want to be bothered

    When I'm out with my friends and the wife isn't with me I get propositioned all the time. Many times by girls that know my wife and many times by the same ones I've said no to before. It happens everywhere. For me it happens the most at Rumba. D'Latin and El Toro would be a tie for second...
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    Plaza Lama StoDgo vs. Santiago

    Getting ready to upgrade a lot of stuff around the house and get some additional stuff. Furniture and all sorts of stuff. Point is I'm going to do a lot of purchasing. Normally I would do this at the Plaza Lama near the Acropolis Mall in StoDgo. But I'm on the north coast now and Santiago is...
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    Caribbean Curry in Cabarete

    The Indian restaurant next to Gorditos. I believe it has the same owner. I'd like to try it out. Is it open again or are they still on vacation. If they are still on vacation does anyone know when they are expected back?
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    old property scam

    I'm not sure how common this particular scam is but I have inside information to one that happened and wanted to put it out there so people are aware of how easy it is to get on the bad end of a deal if you don't do your due dilligence. A few years ago my sister-in-law got a job for a J&J...
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    Dominican Drivers Licnese needed if I have citizenship?

    So I never bothered to get a Dominican driver's license. I know you are not supposed to drive on a foreign license for more than 30 days after entering the country but that is because your tourist card expired and you are no longer in the country legally. But in my case, I have already gotten...
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    Be Careful Where You Park!

    A lot of us already know this but for those who don't. May no parking zones are not so easy to identify. At least not in Sosua. I know folks that have been towed for parking in no parking zones. Once towed you have to go to Amet and pay a fine to get your car back. There are the obvious...
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    bermyboy - I apolgize

    Other thread got closed (you know the one) and I can't PM yet so I wanted to do this to apologize. I think you took my last post in the thread to be directed at you and it was not. I think you and I probably posted at about the same time. I started writing my post before I even saw yours...
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    Chulo tried to rip me off

    For those who wanted to see me post something negative here it is. This is old news, happened about four weeks ago now. Was having my day at the beach. Decided to stop at a different place named Chulo's for lunch. I ordered a basic burger. Burger came out and the meat only covered 1/3 a...
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    How you handle the situation matters

    Let me start by saying this is not directed to any particular DR1 posters. This is a general observation from many forums as well as face to face conversations with people out and about. Not everybody does the things I'm talking about here and fits the description but if you do you know who you...
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    When Was 'S' removed from the Dominican alphabet?

    This is somewhat serious as I am asking the question, but it definitely belongs in the clown bin. For example, ask a local to count to 10 and you get - uno, do, tre, cuatro, cinco, sei, siete, ocho, nueve, diez. If a word ends in S the S is not anunciated. For 10, which is actually a z you...
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    Saving Money in the DR

    Not sure this was the right place for this. I saw the sticky on cost of living, but this is more about ways to save money and not what anything actually costs. Just a few tips for some folks that might be looking to save some money or wondering why they're not saving as much as they thought...
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    Hello All

    Well yesterday was my first day as a member and I have already posted a few things I wanted to share. I have lived here for several years. The last five in Sosua and before that on the South Coast. My wife and I spent our honeymoon in Punta Cana. I have read DR1 for quite a while but never...
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    How I met my wife

    I'm going to give this another shot. Hopefully people won't get so personal this time. I'm just offering some positivity among all the negativity. There are certainly enough folks on here that bash Dominican women and say they are all no good gold-diggers. I just don't believe mine is. dv8...
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    Don't trust someone just because they are from your country

    I have heard expats do this all the time and I can't believe it. I hear how foolish they feel after following the advise of a fellow country man (or woman) for only that reason or even getting ripped off by one. Come on folks. It is natural to want to talk to people form your home land that...