2019 Hurricane Season

william webster

Jan 16, 2009
Already here in Cabrera....rampant.... the flu
and it is a lung flu... not in the head.... all chest

Takes 2 - 3 weeks to pass

I had it


The Fisherman/Weather Mod
Feb 28, 2006
Punta Cana/DR
honestly, I wouldn't fix it even if i could.
yes, it is bad foor fishing, but we knew about those sea conditions already early last week, I chnaged my charters to run already this past weekend and otehrs been moved to next thrusday/friday/saturday, in this kind of business you have to understand mother nature's moods and act accordingly, so in reality nothing been lost.
maybe a last minute charter or two would have come up for today or tomorrow, if the weather would have been nice, but thats all part of the whole big thing.
once in a while I personally love to feel it blow, watch the angry sea from the beach, it really has it's beauty, too.
sure, not what i would like to see/feel when paying a couple grands for a caribbean vacay week, lol.
Sea should be fine already by Thrusday, if right away in teh morning or just for the afternoon could not be told.
I await that we keep this wind sure for tomorrow and then most likely also for most of wednesday on good powers.
so we have to plan accordingly:
stock the beer fridge, stock the beer fridge and don't forget to get extra beers in the fridge.
life is good, and if such few days of rough sae conditions a few times per caribbean winter(the most normal thing on earth) would be the only thing that bothers every year, then Fisherman's Life would really be perfect.
but the whole Industry is suffering still heaviliest from last year's US Press ****load, barely anything recovered from that, hotel occupancies are on **** low leves and the guests who are here are of the super cheap vacay deals kind, that's the brutal fact based situation of PC and the Toursim Industry Island Wide.
that now daily cancelations on tours and fishing etc etc roll in due teh Corona ****, does sure not help a thing that businesses recover anything.
under the line:
we will have 2020 a 2nd consecutive year without a peak travel season, we have to hold tide and sit it out like a Hurricane.
just that Hurricanes are more predictable, specially about their length of time to affect us.
as for Saona Island, you can ride there tomorrow and have a perfectly fine great day tomorrow, I will be there tomorrow with a tour group, too.
unless the morning outlook would show a rainy day.
by this monet, nothing of that and completely acceptable winds, the location is in teh shadow of the Island protected from this Frontal.
watch out for tomorrow's LIVE on Saona Island Report, as i do that several times per week for this specific tour.
tomorrow i sure will do, as i have nothing to do for fishing, no early Marina morning.

DR Solar

Nov 21, 2016
Surf is up more, licking our seawall some. It's doing its job. Sun is coming out. Good time to view cam to see differences.

william webster

Jan 16, 2009

she has her Brit novio here...

I suggested a walk...
they claimed - It's Raining !!!

What - a Brit allergic to rain ??
Soak it up Boy.......