2020 Hurricane Season

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Sep 16, 2004
Constant light rain, grey sky, light to GUSTY winds in Coson...


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Feb 20, 2019
Raining again with gusts in SD at 8:20am. Perhaps it will be on and off all day.


Jul 10, 2004
I drained water from my pool for nothing. It may have rose 1 inch.
I was thinking maybe an inch and a half for me. I have never drained water from my pool for any storm. No issues at all with flooding where my house is.


Jul 9, 2009
Well, I would say, once more (luckily), a No Show for Santiago - at least in Los Alamos. Just a glimpse of typical German spring weather, only hotter... :D
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Apr 29, 2014
Cloudy, breezy occasional showers but nothing disastrous yet. Power went out a few times during night Had an electrical phase problem begin around 06:00 which I reported and now seems to be corrected. So far no where near as bad as Isaias was in the Sosua/Cabarete area it appears. Just waiting for the back end of the storm to move out of the area.

Jim L

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Jul 13, 2020
Sosua, DR
Typical gusty winds here above Sosua with light rain on and off. We had a inter-Island tanker standing off the coast for about 2 hours this morning. He apparently headed E. a little bit ago. Not sure the weather off shore is any better now than if was earlier. Looking at Tropical tidbits seems the outer edges are moving more and more N. as the system moves W. Nice cool day. I closed our shutters yesterday. Opened most up already this morning.


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Feb 28, 2006
Punta Cana/DR
the strongest winds and rain we had on the East in Veon aroun 5-7AM, but nothing to write about, this wasn't a stormy night or such.
i watched movies til around 2:30AM an slept like an angel til 9AM, sweet Island Life sunday morning.
it is been a long time that i saw the NHC so far off and the worse, they did not correct anythng, they stuck all the time to their path and tracking and bene wrong on all points.
here we saw what a group like ours on DR1 is worth, we report the simple fact from different locations aound the Island and that give's a real picture of the facts.
we've been shown for hours under 50mphr TS Force winds all around, but we never had not even any 20mphr blowing here before i went to bed.
we got predicted precipitation of around 6 and in some areas up to 8inches, but along the coast we only has a normal rainy night so far.
they stuck to draw tracking lines from the weak Low Pressure Center, and they still do so(but both L are almost together now, by this Noon they should finally be One), while from early on (since Laura still been S of PR) been clear that something on the whole shown piture is wroung.
our mid level Low had been and stays the Center of Circulation and did command the direction of the storm's tracking.
due that change of command center S of PR the real Center of the whole storm jumped S an dthe Tracking from there on had been a straight WEST with a very little northern drift..
since it transformed S of PR the storm has a constant heading of 275/280 Degrees, means wwnw, exactly as we showed it all evening long.
the transition of the command center also took out the TS force powers.
while some small outer band area still produced wind gusts of 50mphr in Mayaguez, the mainforce of the whole thing did not contain winds of more than 30/35mphr at it's best moments and overall well less.
basically we had the pass of a Tropical Depression Force with the look and characteristics and name of a Tropical Storm.
this photo is from around 9:40AM this morning, compare it to our last one from around midnight last night.
it went exactly on the southern line we had on.

during today we will country wide (way less effects on the north shores and calmest of all in Samana)continue to have some gusty wind moments and rain on/off, as the Eastern portion of Laura is now over our SW and the far from center tail does contain some rain and wind, but light tackle.

for here on the East it is already over, light cloud cover, very light gusts, maybe it will rain again today but thats then short and nthing to write about.

I did not read any news , yet, so i do not know if and where some floodings happened, as rain amounts over mountainous areas are very different than the amounts coming down here on the eastern flatlands.

as a TS Laura def was a No Show for DR,as it transformed in PR to lower categories.

tie for a late sunday morning breakfast toreda the news

2020-08-23 (1)_LI.jpg

william webster

Jan 16, 2009
Appears to be sliding away from Nagua in your photo

No serious complaints that I saw from the north coast.... all pretty benign
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