Changing title on a vehicle


Jun 16, 2014
After listening to my husband's recent journey of time spent getting one of our cars in his name, I'd agree with hiring a lawyer. First he spent half a day at the police station but part of that was a social visit. Next the guy he paid, who's job it is to get everything done in Santo Domingo, messed up some number, and my husband had to go to the 'Capital' himself. We just sold our 2 cars to his cousin's dealership and signing the papers at the lawyers was all that was required.
Other than signing, that's all a seller has to do. It's the buyer that can have some time-consuming headaches if a lawyer isn't used.
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bob saunders

Jan 1, 2002
I've done a couple of dozen purchases and sales over the years, and I can tell you, having a lawyer handle the sale is by far the path of least resistance.
Pay a few bucks and in a day or two you or the buyer has a new matricula in hand.
Doing it yourself is easy enough, but extremely time-consuming.
If you don't place a value on your time, do it yourself.
Cost me 5000 pesos to have a lawyer do it.