Dominican Republic Motorcycle Adventure


On Vacation!
Mar 6, 2003
Sam. It's so nice that people will search and find ..... a very wonderful thread that shows so much about the out of city experiences the Dominican Republic has to offer... real good times with good people. My favorite thread thanks to Cavebiker and his friends.

I'd ride along side, but I'm a little slower being on a horse. None the less, great thread. Thanks for bringing it up again.
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Have a dream, live it. Set a goal, achieve it.
Alright! Off the beaten path motorcycle adventure, cavebiker style!

This is just great living and dreaming of returning to the DR. A new moto adventure post is starting soon (cartwheels) !
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bob saunders

Jan 1, 2002

All over the island there are motorcycles carrying large cylinders of propane.


At another crossroads I ask a bunch of dudes standing around some motorcycles for directions. I am told to turn right. I thought I needed to go left. I say ??for cierto?? (for sure?) ?!si!? This is a poor area and one dude who helped me points to his gas tank and politely holds out his hand. I dig into my pocket and pull out a little over a dollar in pesos and give it to him. He immediately divided it up and gives some to his friend. They helped me out, I have no problem helping them out, the change is nothing to me.



It is early afternoon and I am feeling hungry. I see a restaurant roasting chicken on a grill outside. I stop and look at what else they have inside a glass counter. It looks like grilled beef to me and is.


A few baseball players are hanging out inside. I have fun chitchatting and talked about the Dominican Republic being #1 in baseball. I receive many smiles.



Tender stewed beef and yucca with sweet onions. Yucca is some kind of root that is fantastic and a good source of complex carbohydrates. This cost me 50 pesos ($1.45). Food continues to get cheaper the farther away I get from the coast.


I am getting ready to leave and a guy from back hands me a bag of 5 bananas. I thank him a thousand times ?mil gracias senior? Then he hands me an avocado and wishes me happy travels ?buen viaje?. I am blown away by their friendliness and generosity. I thank them again. We all wave goodbye. I never did figure out what the name of this village was. I feel lost and at the same time I feel completely at home, it is a wonderful feeling.


I had to turn back to get a photo of this. I will tell Heidi when I get home that she is finally going to have a chance to stay at a 5 star hotel. hee hee?


We see a lot of cock fighting rings around the island.


I have to see a fight some day, just to experience it, but I don?t think I will get Heidi anywhere near one.
Just ate pork in Fantino, next to the Cock fighting place. They were busy even at 9 am on Sunday.
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