driving laws in the d.r.


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Jan 9, 2009
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You've been told before that if you don't like my look, you can make use of the ignore feature that is offered on the forum for free and save yourself some angst.

I am perfectly fine with presenting my experiences in the DR as as a viable alternative to the minority view that buying one's way through the week is the route to go. I'm not lazy, in hurray or incapable of satisfying the documented process. Getting a driver's license at the Puerto Plata office does not require an extra payment to achieve. It doesn't matter to me in the slightest that you know someone who has done that. If the requirements were so onerous at that time, what can I say? It's no longer that way as of two months ago.

Your DR is changing right in front of your nose and I suspect that your critique of me and others who opt not to play by the old rules only reinforces the new reality much to your chagrin. I will continue to point out to those that follow that it is often not necessary to bribe, subvert or cajole your way through daily life here in the DR.

i elect not to ignore you, but to expose your fallacies, your pretensions to expertise notwithstanding. there are people who come here for information, whether it be good, bad , or indifferent. there are certain people in this site who set themselves up as omniscient about the DR, and make statements like yours. what you need to be saying is that you have heard certain things, but you have no first hand knowledge, and, therefore, you are not in a position to offer any definitive position on the subject.

you, on the other hand, make unequivocal remarks about subjects you apparently know nothing about, and in some inflexible manner, as if you know it all.

well, here goes. in capitals.


ENOUGH from both of you. You're probably both right "depending". gorgon, repeating the same thing several times does not make it right.

Things change in DR week to week, even faster lately.

If you feel you MUST bicker further take it to private message, not here!

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Jan 16, 2009
why would anybody even argue about this ?

People will do as they wish.... and 'yes' there a lot of misinformation here.

So go for the license, bribe or not, show your foreign credentials or not, do as you please.

then report back.

Me ? no road test - ninguna on my license

HRock - where are you ? you license expert !!

Gringo Starr

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Aug 11, 2014
Things change in DR week to week, even faster lately.
The only thing that changes is the price you have to pay to bribe somebody. If it was 500 pesos a few years ago, it's 1000 pesos now, it will be 2000 pesos in a few years.

They can install new systems, but there's always the way to f#ck the system by bribing the right employee, doesn't matter where, DGTT, DGA, MIP, .... Dominicans remain the same.


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Jul 11, 2007
The only thing that changes is the price you have to pay to bribe somebody. If it was 500 pesos a few years ago, it's 1000 pesos now, it will be 2000 pesos in a few years.

That might be a thing of the past. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


Feb 3, 2009
True enough. The reason nothing changes is because they can't change the mindset of the typical Dom.

Although I do agree there is no point in bickering on this point, we all know that within a blink of an eye, any intentions will be broken down and life will continue as normal. The typical Dom mindset is impossible to change, everyone knows this, the government know this, Haitians know this ( hence they did nothing) and on this basis it is no wonder they make little effort to follow through, as it is pointless effort.


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Oct 18, 2017
I've been watching some utube videos and I watched 2 couples drinking while touring around. The front passenger had a child on his lap.. later on in the video, I also saw some pot smoking (the child wasn't present for that)
My 1st question....are the any laws for safety while driving? Shouldn't that child be in the back, in a car seat ? 2. Are there any laws against drinking and driving ? 3. Any laws against smoking pot ? I'm not saying they don't break laws here, i just thought being they posted all of this, maybe none of it is illegal ???

I can't speak to these items above, but I did get a ticket from AMET for making an illegal left turn in SD. I confess that I did not see the sign. After going to the bank to pay the ticket and later to AMET to give the proof, it appears that the officer did not file the ticket. That was nearly two years ago. The ticket still is not filed. I have to laugh, thought. It would have been cheaper to tip the officer--which he suggested--rather than pay the actual ticket.