Getting a Dominican Passport


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Mar 17, 2014
Be Carful, getting a Dominican passport!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Verify with your embassy first, I am Dutch and my wife DR, our kids Dutch (8 and 13 year), we are in the proses of moving to the DR, at the DR Consulate told me the best for the kids is to get a DR passport. BUD according to Dutch law you loose your Dutch passport if you take a other nationality volontair, with 3 exeptions,
1) married to a Dominican
2) lived in the DR legal 5 year before you bacame18 years
3) the child is born in the DR

1)for me no problem
2)our kid 8 year after 5 year legal in the DR no problem
2)our kid 13 year will have a problem after 5 years legal in the DR she will be 19 and will loose here NL passport.

A Dutch national can loose his passport if he is longer that 10 years out of NL and did not renew his passport on time.

verify with your embassy please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Apr 29, 2014
Begin researching your options by contacting the DR Embassy/Consulate in the UK. They will outline your options, the costs and the process. From there you can choose what works best for you.