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Jan 9, 2009
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Mr AE isn’t a big mushroom fan, (I love them) but the late mod Matilda/Lindsay was obsessed with them and they were never available where she lived in the mountains. All her friends knew they were her favorite hostess gift 😊.

Anyway, at the Agro Fair held every February/March in Santo Domingo at the Féria Ganadera, there’s usually one company with a massive display of every mushroom you might want. Farm fresh. They sell them too (I think it was 100 pesos a package), which, of course, doesn’t help keepcoming now. I always bought a bunch for Lindsay, and she feasted on omelets, soups and stews for awhile.
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Oct 15, 2003
You're talking about Sophie's B+B, She used play classical music, she died yrs. ago.
Yes, I know that she died a while ago.

I was new to living in the DR in 2001, which was before her dearh.