Incredible Restaurant/Hotel/Museum

canadian bob

Jan 16, 2002
Following the Epiphany Mass at the Church in La Isabella, my wife and I were taken with 8 other friends to the nearby, most incredible restaurant/hotel/museum of Taino artifacts.
It is called the "El Castillo Hotel", & "Miamar" restaurant. It is owned by Eugene and Lisanne Blancquaert, (Belgians).The phone# is 809-656-0732 ;
1-809-399-5406 Cel.
To reach the restaurant/hotel drive to the end of the paved road (just past the church which is on the left side). Follow the gravel road, bearing left, then right at the first branch. The hotel is large and visible from the locked steel sliding gate. Make a reservation first by phone. Honk when you reach the gate & Eugene will come & open it. The view from the large dining room is really exceptional and the quality of the food is quite extraordinary. Adjacent to the dining room is the museum. The Taino artifacts in the large, well-lit glass cases are all originals and have been catalogued by the DR Government through Archaeologists from the University of Indiana. I happen to be very interested in the Taino for many years and this is the most complete and extensive collection I have seen.
I was thrilled to see the artifacts and we were all really impressed with the food, wonderful service and the terrific view. It really is a surprise to come across such an excellent place close to where Columbus built the first "permanent" settlement in the "New World". Thanks for reading this rather lengthly description.....Canadian Bob

Rick Snyder

Nov 19, 2003
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On Vacation!
Mar 2, 2002
Well since La Isabella is on the north coast close to Luperon I would chance to remark that perhaps it should be in the north coast forum rather than the south coast forum.......:0