International Money Transfer - US/CAN to DR

David B

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Aug 31, 2017
Maybe the limit has gone up? How long did it take and what exchange rate did you get? I've checked into quite a few posted here, and they have all ended up having a "catch", a hidden fee, or a problem - like long transfer times. I need a service where I can transfer at least $5000 USD, will arrive in a day or two, and cost less than a typical wire transfer fee of around $50 USD total.
Money arrives in minutes from Wells Fargo to Banco Popular. I've never sent more than US$400, so I couldn't say about $500. There IS a monthly limit you can send without upgrading and paying more. I've been using Paysend all of this year, without problems, although inicially I did have to send proof of identity, which was a bit of a hassle.
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