It may not be as safe here as you'd like, or would hope to believe.


Mar 13, 2017
Yeah I am not going to argue with that lol. I would question the quality of that situationship though :sneaky:.. lots of really nice girls here that just want an equal and who can support a future family.
I dont know about a equal....

william webster

Jan 16, 2009
Many of these girls/women keep up with the trends in the 1st world and see the discrepancies they endure, especially in relationships.

The Dominican male role/behaviour has seen its day for many of them......... time to do better.

I have heard that .... myself


Welcome To Wonderland
Apr 1, 2014
It’s not an easy substance to use and reported on this forum yrrrs ago a few times! I was told the women would use hair spray on skin to limit absorption and cotton balls up nose to limit exposure..Ladrones and landronas are inherently lazy when there are easier ways to get something they want.. some poor smoke the trumpet petal..Haitians have been using it in voodoo..believe it or not your choice.
Having lived in two different barrios across this country I've met dozens of young devious women who rob people and I've never heard of such nonsense. These women more likely to stick a knife to your throat or a pistol in your face.
Reminds me of the deportees who fake kidnappings to extort money out of their family members back in Nueva York lol.