Ministry of Education and ADP are talking; wage raise could be 10%


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Feb 20, 2019

The Ministry of Education and the president of the Dominican Association of Public School Teachers (ADP) reached a consensus during ther talks on Wednesday, 8 May 2024.

The Ministry of Education is willing to raise wages to 10%, up from 8% first offered, to reach an agreement with the public school teachers’ union.

Former president of the ADP, Enrique de Leon, and the National Ombudsman Pablo Ulloa mediated for the agreement with the current president of the ADP, Eduardo Hidalgo.

After the meeting on Wednesday, Ulloa said another meeting would be held this week. He expects more meetings to follow once the presidential and congressional elections are over on 19 May 2024.“We have a schedule with all the points we are talking about and it will not only cover this space but vacations among other things,” he said.

Among the points that to be worked on are the...

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Aug 21, 2007
I had a meeting today with the director of one of the small schools in the Jamao district. She said she had no classes the entire week.

bob saunders

Jan 1, 2002
do they still get paid if no classes? if they didnt there would be classes
Of course they get paid. They did have classes in Jarabacoa Wednesday thru Friday with only a half day Thursday (rain) and Monday they were off, again rain was the excuse. To be honest there was quite a bit of flooding in the outlying areas. One of our clients lost their house due to fire, and three others were flooded out, losing all their clothing, bedding...etc. Because every class in our school is connected thru WhatsApp by midweek we had a huge collection of clothing, bedding, beds...etc all donated by other parents.
We stay open regardless of weather unless the government makes us shutdown, then we kind of slow walk it. Many parents, especially those with 3-4 year olds use the school as a cheaper form of babysitting. Not all families have reliable childcare.


Jun 26, 2012
At the risk of placing emPHAsis on the wrong syLLAble, I'd be inclined to command one of those high compensatory salaries by helping to instruct teachers in the Verón-Bávaro-PC area next school year.