Movers and Shakers - Who Are The Big Fish In Dominican Society


Jan 12, 2010
This topic has the potential of being interesting if it does not become trivial. Let me try to deal with it another way.
Traditionally the Roman Catholic Church has had great influence over the Government and its flock with threats of excommunication and public statements from the pulpit about government proposals and public life..even to adverse comments about the USA ambassador. I believe they still try very hard to influence government policies .
Secondly,the Governor of the Central Bank,hector Valdez, has enormous influence here and especially after his outstanding efforts during the world economic crisis of 2008. During that period he obtained much cheap credit from the World Bank as the rich G20 countries gave their borrowing rights to developing countries. It was he who also rolled over many expensive loans into much cheaper loans to allow the unprecedented infrastructure projects to continue. I believe that even the President knows that this man is vitally important to him.
Thirdly, nothing much on the big scale ,can be done that is contrary to US policy. so definitely the US influences much.
These three dominate much of the big matters either socially or economically or on most other fronts.
If we move on to the general area of domestic matters within the DR, it seems very clear to me that the current Government is following the traditional PRD views ans has little interest in increasing it's borrowing so major projects are unlikely so none will be of influence.
On regional matters there is no doubt that the sugar barons and the tourist bosses dominate most things in the east with Gustavo Cisneros being able to sway views sometimes and also to a lesser extent Amable Aristy and that in the capital the Vicini family are enormously influential. To the west,the Batista family seem to dominate opinions. On some matters it can not be denied that Juan Hubieres, the transport union mafia boss is influential.
The previous governments permitted the expansion of the Barrick gold mine north of the capital and I feel this decision would have been taken by the current government solely because of the money that pours into the Government coffers. As an aside, it is quite extraordinary that the current government has not analysed the Barrick contract which is of far greater value than any of other matters and I have more than a slight suspicion is tilted rather too heavily to the company.
If anyone is interested in replying, I would like to know who are the influential people in Santiago. I have never heard of anyone influential from the North Coast but it needs someone desperately .I suppose the long suspension of the sky train trips is an indication of lack of push.
There are some business leaders as have been mentioned already here who seem to be seen as influential. But really , when next to nothing is being done, there is not much to be influenced. That is my take on the matter
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JD Jones

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Jan 7, 2016
Extraordinary censorship on this subject when I mentioned by name without any hint of indiscretion some old money families that most certainly have influence in the DR. However it seems those not living here know better.

must be my computer because I am missing at least three posts including a most sincere post I think from Chico bill

Only one of your posts has been deleted; an off topic post in the Donate to the Arts thread.

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