Moving back to DR (north coast) when I retire: do or don't


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Sep 19, 2008
This is the best, you're right on the water source from the nature. I believe it has been in fact reported that even if not all water, some water from some water companies in the DR are in fact potable/drinkable when they left the filtering/preparation facilities, but the state of the plumbing infrastructure in the DR and more importantly, the lack of constant pressure may destroy the quality on the way to the end users/customers. So Coraaplata and others would actually produce potable water but as their distribution system completely sucks, that's not what the customers get...

But as you have a well, you get the best water, ground water and have control of the whole process till your tap...
get a good home water filtration system. best thing we ever got.


Dec 5, 2013
How's the internet speed on the NC?
Answering that question for "NC", a stretch of more than 100 kms is impossible in my opinion. Not just in the DR, but for any country... You would have to be more specific up to a neighborhood.

As per the information I have at hand, anywhere from close to non-existing to a stable speed of even 1000 mbps down and a few tens of mbps up with fiber optics would be the short answer to your question... If we talk about Starlink, perhaps the variation and availability is a bit more narrow in scale...