Moving to DR - Sosúa, Cabarete or Puerto Plata


Mar 26, 2008
Go look on the street, online you will only find those types of rents. For example in Los Castillos, between the airport and "downtown" Sosúa, you can find furnitured apartments for around $500. And for a car, it's easier to buy one here instead of trying to import it
Thanks for the information. Much appreciated


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Jul 5, 2018
Yes a small SUV Suzuki Vitara or Nissan Kicks will cost new at Apollo about the same as a used larger used imported SUV (Sonata or Santa Fe) and those will be over 100,000 miles and bought at auction, maybe salvage titles (although those are 'supposed to be' prohibited).
Really a car over 100,000 miles in the US doesn't scare me if it has good maintenance records, but in DR it easily be 200,000 miles and the odometer rolled back to 80,000 and spiffed up to cover it's many faults
93 Honda civic burning oil and no struts go for 200,000 pesos here probably with 400 on the clock "todo nitido" with 3 oil changes in it's life with 500 watt speakers that are blown - i'm sure you have amazing vehicle stories here too haha..

chico bill

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May 6, 2016
And don't forget "todos los sellos", as if you can't buy those door stickers online after the door is filled with bondo and repainted.
Never buy a car where someone says that.
And those stickers aren't even used anymore on later model cars.