N Digital says there are many good-looking bachelors in the Chamber of Deputies


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Feb 20, 2019

The Spanish Language Academy (RAE) dictionary’s definition for “galanes” is “a man of good appearance, well-proportioned and graceful in the handling of his person. Also, “a man who charms women.”

At a time when the media has been listing the many deputies that are accused of drug trafficking, N Digital publishes another aspect of the legislators that represent the Dominican people in Congress, that of the many “galanes” who were elected deputies in the National Congress.

In an exclusive release, the news service lists the names of the many bachelors who have taken on legislators’ roles. These include several that are relatives of former government officers. Among these are Omar Fernandez, son of many-times Dominican President Leonel Fernandez. Also Orlando Jorge Villegas, son of the present Minister of Environment and grandson of former President Salvador...

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