South Korea to supervise construction Pedernales International airport; President Luis Abinader to visit Korea


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May 29, 2002
Thank you for your thoughts and yes I respect your opinion that you don't like Punta Cana.
I understand why you had not heard that expression before.
It is slang that has creeped into my everyday vernacular.

I like Punta Cana because when I went there I felt like all the other experiences I have had while traveling in the past. I no longer felt like I was in the Dominican Republic. My travel partner and I had a great time there. My travel partner knew how to work the system and got us all kinds of deals that I'm sure I would have never been able to get on my own. Coco Bongo was unlike any other club I had ever been through. To say it was an off the chain experience would be understating it. It was expensive trip but worth every peso to me. Had I known about Punta Cana when I first moved to the Dominican Republic that is where I would have chosen to live.

Now if Pedernales is going to be built with the infrastructure and attractions similar to Punta Cana except more natural beauty. I'm there when the regional jet service kicks off.

Well said


Aug 26, 2012
Certainly is an attractive building

Is the design of the airport based on the Hispaniolan parakeet?
That's what I see.

I agree.
My curiosity was piqued.
What was the inspiration for the design of the airport building?
As it turns out it was the sea turtles and not the Hispaniolan parakeet.
A healthy respect for the local flora and fauna is a good thing.
More please.

The shape of the designed airport is inspired by the sea turtles that nest on the coast of Pedernales, and its other spaces also include the fauna and flora of the Cabo Rojo area, where the arid forest prevails.