Tropical Storm Isaias Update: Storm is keeping West


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Feb 20, 2019

With its name since 11pm on Wednesday, Tropical Storm Isaias continues to baffle weather forecasters. It took a more westerly track yesterday and is on a likely track to go inland nearer to Pedernales, in the southwest of the Dominican Republic. The storm is now moving at a slower 31kph.

The forecast for the Dominican Republic is heavy rains and wind gusts for Thursday and Friday. The storm is enormous at around 555km (370 miles). Warnings are in effect for both the southern and northern coastlines.

Puerto Rico reports heavy rains and wind gusts as the storm passes.

In the evening press conference, the director of the Center for Emergency Operations (COE), General Juan Manuel Mendez had forecast eight inches of rain for several areas across all of the Dominican Republic starting Thursday. He predicted flooding because topsoil is hard after weeks of drought.

General Juan...
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