Mounting crisis in PRI

Since the death last February of the founder and leader of the Partido Revolucionario Independiente (PRI), Jacobo Majluta, the party has been divided in two factions, one headed by Mr. Majluta’s widow Ana and the other by his brother Freddy. In an assembly recently held at PRI headquarters, both Freddy Majluta and Hector Guzman, the latter having served as vice president of the party until recently, stayed outside the building and protested against the actions of those participating.

In the assembly, Mrs. Ana Villanueva, Jacobo Majluta’s widow, was elected vice president of the party while Freddy and Mr. Guzman were left out. The PRI, which supported Dr. Jose Francisco Peña Gomez in the 1996 presidential campaign, is expected to determine its immediate future during its National Convention, which will take place on 26 January.