Government courting Haitians?

Political analyst Orlando Gil of the Listin Diario speculates in his Orlando Dice column that the PLD administration could be behind the recently announced intention of Dominicans of Haitian origin to seek their own political space. Gil makes the speculation on grounds that Ruben Jean-Batiste Latorti, spokesman for the Movimiento Politico Comunitario Dominicano-Haitiano, is to the best of his knowledge, a government officer. Gil says he is a political leader representing the Bloque Institutional Social Democrata, an ally to the PLD in the past election, and that he was appointed to government in September 2004 at the start of the Fernandez administration. Latorti was named deputy director at the Adult Education Department of the Ministry of Education. Gil writes that his appointment was part of the distribution of positions to political allies. Gil speculates that the new movement could decide an election. The movement says they represent 3-5% of the electorate.