Moving to wind energy

14 wind turbines manufactured by the Spanish company, Vestas, for the Quilvio Cabrera and Los Cocos wind generation farm located along the Pedernales coast in the southwest arrived on 22 December to Pedernales port. They will be installed at the country’s first wind power plant located in Juancho, Pedernales. The plant is expected to produce 33 megas of renewable energy. Another 5 are stored in Caucedo Port in Santo Domingo and will be transported to Pedernales for installation.

Tito Sanjurjo, general manager of Basic Energy, the operating company, said that the purchase of the wind turbines is proof of the company’s long-term commitment to the country. It is a US$100 million investment.

Company executive Rolando Gonzalez Bunster said the goal is to produce 100 megas at the Juancho park.

Sanjurjo said that the reduction of 70,000 ton of carbon dioxide. The wind energy supplied to the national grid means 200,000 less in petroleum barrels will need to be imported.

The energy produced by the wind farm will be sold to the National Interconnected Energy System (SENI) at US$0.13 cents.

The president of the National Commission of Energy, Enrique Ramirez says by 2011, wind powered plants will be producing 103 megas of power. Basic Energy is also building parks of 30 megas in Bani and 50 megas in Montecristi.

The Juancho wind turbines are 120 meters high, which is 5 meters higher than Acropolis building in Santo Domingo, as reported in El Dia.

The windmills belong to Empresa Generadora de Electricidad de Haina (Egehaina) and Consorcio Energetico Punta Cana-Macao (CEPM), and are operated by sister company Basic Energy.