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Minicabs offer tour of historical Santiago

New minicabs on the road in Santiago are the rickshaws of the DR. The motorized, 3-wheeled 3-passenger vehicles are offering historical center tours, previously offered only by the traditional horse-drawn coaches of Santiago.

The minicabs are offering tour services in the area of the Monumento and downtown historical Santiago. They come with guides and provide audio that narrates the most important historical or culture points seen on the way.

The tapes were produced by historian Edwin Espinal Hernandez with music by composer Miguel Andres Tejada, both of Santiago.

According to El Caribe, the minicabs have been a hit with locals and foreigners. The RD$500 peso ride through the downtown part of Santiago takes a little over half an hour.

The first 16 mini-cabs offering the service park near the Santiago Monumento. The tours run from 10-12 in the morning and from 4 to 9pm in the afternoons and evenings. They can also be booked for private tours and events.