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Snow storms are travelers’ nightmare

The monster snowstorm affecting flights on the eastern coast of the US has created major havoc with hundreds of thousands of Christmas and New Year holiday plans. Reportedly, more than 1,400 flights were cancelled at John F. Kennedy Airport alone. The airport was closed on Sunday with opening time set for 6pm on Monday, 27 December. The cancellations affected flight arrivals and from all around the world and outgoing departures. Below zero temperature and wind gusts of up to 50 mph were reported in New York City.

Many passengers saw their options to fly delayed 3-5 days, messing with many a vacation plan to the Dominican Republic among other sun destinations.

Jet Blue, Delta, Continental, United, American and other airlines traveling to the DR are waiving penalties for travelers who have to reschedule their trips due to the snow storm.

The US pressed called the combination of rain, sleet and snow a monster storm.

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