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Lots of great deals for domestic travel

Dominican resorts are reopening with attractive deals for local travelers. Asonahores has published the list of hotels that are opened, and the opening dates for others. Meanwhile, the government is backing a deal with the three largest banks (Reservas, Popular and BHD Leon) to finance (interest-free) travel packages at attractive prices to top resorts in the country for domestic travelers. President Abinader has said the details on the deal would be announced as of this Monday, 28 September 2020.

Reports are that locals are taking the resorts up on the offer. The president of the Dominican Hotel & Tourism Association (Asonahores) Paola Rainieri says there are details where hotel rooms that were going for US$100-US$300 are being booked for under US$50 with all included. Asonahores has published the list of hotels that are open or opening later this year.

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Law 352-98

27 September 2020