Big payroll increases at Superintendence of Insurance

So much for government efficiency. Superintendent of Insurance Josefa Castillo says she has increased the payroll at the Superintendence of Insurance from RD$22 million a month to around RD$26 million, around 18%. And all that while firing 300 employees when taking charge. “I have increased the payroll, because I have had to name people. But they are qualified,” she said.

She defended the cancellations. “When we were all swept away in 2004, nobody said anything,” she said when interviewed during a Corripio Communications Group lunch. She was referring to when she was part of the Hipólito Mejía administration of the PRD that succeeded the first Leonel Fernandez administration of the PLD in 2000.

She announced improvements in the facility for insurance company customers to present service complaints, as reported in El Dia.

Josefa Castillo is an elected Modern Revolutionary Party deputy for the province of Santo Domingo who at the start of the Abinader administration quit her job as a legislator for the better-paid job at the Superintendence of Insurance. She became a controversial figure when insisting that her son, Jheyson Garcia Castillo replace her in Congress. Her son is the spouse of canceled Minister of Youth, Kinsberly Taveras. Taveras is under investigation for corruption related to private business deals.

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12 March 2021