Economy Minister Miguel Ceara Hatton: The worst is over

Economy Minister Miguel Ceara Hatton says the critical stage of the Dominican economy has past and the government is gradually resuming the public investment plans. He says the unemployment situation is gradually reaching the pre-pandemic levels. He said the economy should grow by 7.5% by the year’s end.

The economist said that the national planning system has been modified and new indicators are now in place so that each of the ministries has concrete development goals they must meet.

Likewise, Ceara Hatton says the government seeks to improve the country’s productivity to guarantee profitability levels to the producer, but actions are to be taken so that consumers can pay lower prices.

Regarding a general salary increase, the Minister of Economy indicated: “I think we have to wait, we have to adjust the salary, but we have to wait for the present price increases to stabilize.”

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Ministry of Economy

25 June 2021