Government has big savings with cuts in spending

National Budget director Jose Rijo Presbot says the Abinader administration has reduced government spending on travel, per diems, fuel, advertising and vehicle purchases by 68% so far in 2021. The spending is expected to decline even more, after President Luis Abinader issued Decree 396-21 further cutting wasteful spending by government officials. As reported in N Digital, Rijo says the government has been reordering the public spending since day one in August 2020.

Rijo made the remark when participating in a forum on budget management during pandemic times organized by the civic watchdog group, Participación Ciudadana. Rijo explained that in 2020 the monthly average was RD$1.73 billion, and that from January to May 2021, spending on travel, per diems, vehicles, fuel, advertising and propaganda has been reduced to a RD$544 million monthly average.

Decree 396-21 cuts spending for the purchase of vehicles and trips abroad, establishes limits to office remodeling and the use of military and police escorts, use of government vehicles on weekends and holidays, celebrations and receptions and rental of private facilities, among other measures to be in effect until 1 January 2022.

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25 June 2021