Santo Domingo just has too many vehicles in circulation

Years of banks offering the lowest rates and best finance plans to buy vehicles have led the capital city of Santo Domingo to practically a standstill. Now it seems everyone has a vehicle or two, but no one is moving with traffic jams being the normal. Double parking on streets is worsening the problem.

A report in Listin Diario on 13 September 2021 gives the statistics that explain this grim reality. The National District has 1,380,075 vehicles and a population of 1,049,567 persons. Listin Diario says the day will soon come when the city will just be one continuous traffic jam.

When extended to Greater Santo Domingo, by including the province of Santo Domingo and the municipality of Bajos de Haina, to the west, Greater Santo Domingo has a population of 4,210,121. A large number of people who live in the province of Santo Domingo and Haina commute every day to and from the capital city.

In the Dominican Republic, with a population of 11 million, there are 4,842,367 units of vehicles registered in 2020.

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Listin Diario

14 September 2021