95% of 11,000 aspirants to teach in public schools failed assessment test

Only 528 of almost 11,000 education graduates and public school teachers who took the written assessments for teacher positions in public schools for the 2021-2022 school year have passed the tests. This is 4.8% of the total that took the cognitive tests and the specific knowledge tests to pass the written test phase of the assessment. The second phase is a personal interview.

Another 60,000 teachers and aspirants to principal for pre-school, elementary, high school have pending taking the tests.

The Ministry of Education needs to fill 19,181 positions in time for the start of in-person learning set to start 20 September 2021.

The assessment was suspended on Thursday because of technological problems, lack of organization and the massive failing of the first who took the tests.

There were also complaints that the tests were shared on social media.

The Committee of Observers of the National Public School Teacher Contest favors continuing with the assessments. It also favors a lowering the minimum scores needed to pass the tests.

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17 September 2021