Dominican who escaped prosecution for financial crime in DR is in jail in Russia

Dominican Alain Jose Gomez Luna was sentenced to four months of preventive imprisonment after fleeing to Russia to escape prosecution for a financial crime in the Dominican Republic. The Dominican Embassy in Russia is assisting the Public Prosecutor’s Office financial crimes division in the prosecution of the crime.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office, represented by the head of the financial crimes division, Karina Concepción Medina, has requested the extradition of Gómez Luna. Gomez Luna is sought to stand for charges of fraud, forgery and use of false commercial documents, association of criminals to commit forgery, money laundering and association to commit money laundering.

In the Dominican Republic, several people have accused Gome Luna and associates of fraud between 23 August 2010 and 31 January 2020, amounting to around RD$283,867,226.02.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office initiated its actions before the Attorney General’s Office of the Russian Federation, through the Dominican Embassy in Russia, upon learning on 31 August that Gómez Luna, requested in extradition by the Dominican state, had been apprehended on Russian soil.

The criminal prosecution body instructed Dominican diplomatic personnel to go to the region of Krasnodar, 1,700 kilometers from Moscow, where they met with representatives of the local Public Prosecutor’s Office, for the comparison of the documents sent by the Public Prosecutor’s Office financial crimes division to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Relations and the Attorney General’s Office of the Russian Federation.

Consequently, at the hearing on 1 September 2021, the judge of the Soviet District Court of the city of Krasnodar ordered Gomez Luna to be remanded in custody for four months.

Gómez Luna had fled the Dominican Republic on 17 March 2020, through the Isabela International Airport, bound for Cuba, from where he left for Russia on 5 June 2020.

The file establishes that the accused Gómez Luna, in association with other shareholders, used the commercial companies Mercabanc, C. por A., Metrocrédito, S.R.L., and Metrocar, S.A.S., to make the victims believe that these companies had the authorization of the Monetary Board of the Dominican Republic to carry out financial intermediation.

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17 September 2021