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August 2021 tourist arrival stats almost at level of August 2019

The Central Bank reports the arrival of 2,938,205 tourists for the January-August 2021 period. This is up 79.2% compared to last year. Of the total, 70.4% are non-resident foreigners and 29.6% are non-resident Dominicans.

In August 2021, 476,575 tourists arrived, of which 75.1% are non-resident foreigners. The arrivals in August 2021 compare to 497 thousand that arrived in the pre-pandemic year of 2019, reflecting the strong recovery of the Dominican tourism sector.

The Central Bank reports on the gradual recovery of visitor arrivals. In January 2021, the stats for the month were but 34.3% of January 2019 stats. By May 2021, stats were 74.1% and for August are 95.8% of the 2019 monthly total.

70% of Dominican tourists come from North America, primarily the United States. 55.4% of all tourists arrived via the Punta Cana International Airport in the east.

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21 September 2021