Tragedy at sea off Miches

The Dominican Armada reported that at dawn on Thursday, 25 November 2021 a small boat headed to Puerto Rico with illegal travelers had capsized off the coast of Miches, El Seibo province. Eight people reportedly drowned and the navy teams were able to rescue 22 people alive.

The Armada tweeted the rescue operations combed the area between Miches and Celedonio on the eastern coast.

Of those rescued, 15 are men and seven are women. Of the eight reported dead, six were women, two men.

The boat trip had begun in Samana but detoured to Miches when encountering trouble at sea because of the weather conditions brought by a cold front. The boat capsized near Celedonio beach where the turbulent seas washed up several corpses.

The Armada said that there were reports of adverse maritime conditions, and nevertheless, the victims fell prey to unscrupulous people smugglers who continued with the planned boat trip. Sseveral persons are still missing. Reports are there were 37-42 persons on board.

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26 November 2021