Procurement Agency says it is following up on Alicia Ortega complaints of corruption in Propeep housing paint program

The general director of the Procurement Agency (DGCP), Carlos Pimentel said the agency is investigating alleged irregularities in the “Pinta tu Barrio” program carried out over the holidays by the Special Projects Agency, a division of the Presidency (Propeep).

Pimentel said the agency staff is following the would-be evidence of the irregularities presented by investigative journalist Alicia Ortega on El Informe, on TV Channel 9, on Monday, 13 June 2022.

“We are going to delve deeper. We have part of the team looking at the work and we are verifying all the documentation. The country is going to have a report as it has had in all cases investigative journalism. The Procurement Agency has always acted according to the work, the circumstances and what it can verify,” said Pimentel.

Pimentel and his staff have been diligent in presenting the findings of irregularities in government contracting. Nevertheless, the Abinader government has little to show in prosecuting those found in fault. At most, officials have been removed from their positions, with no other known consequences.

Pimentel has explained the present procurement law was watered down by an amendment that removed most of the penalties originally established to discourage corruption. A bill to correct the situation has stagnated in Congress, despite the ruling Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) being majority in both the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies.

On the Colorvision TV program, Ortega presented would-be evidence of irregularities in the contracting and followed up on the deliverables by the suppliers. When the journalists for the investigative program called up the suppliers in some instances they could not give a physical address for the company. In others, would-be evidence was presented that the suppliers had delivered the cheaper paint for interiors rather than for exteriors as quoted in the tender.

Ortega had previously presented another investigative report with claims of irregularities in a garbage disposal project carried out by Propeep.

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15 June 2022