Dogs with rabies in Santiago

Sixty years ago, health officials at the United States Embassy would tell visitors that the Dominican Republic was one of the very few countries where you might see a case of human rabies (Hydrophobia). Over these 60 years, the government administrations have worked hard to eradicate this horrible disease. Free rabies vaccinations are available all over the nation for pets, and awareness training is ongoing at most schools.

However, a population of mongoose and rats represents an ever-present danger. Last weekend, the Ministry of Public Health confirmed that animals were found with rabies in Santiago over the past six months: One in February, one in May, and the third just last week. They were two dogs and a cat. None of these animals were found in the city itself, but rather in small communities such as Puñal, Matanzas and Hato del Yaque to the south of Santiago city. Veterinary professionals urge vaccinations for all pets, to avoid the spread of the disease.

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20 June 2022